Yet another mobile app testing framework, but cross-platform and dockerized one

Session discusses a process of creating testing framework for mobile apps with Java, Appium and Docker. To benefit from the session an audience should have good understanding of developing automated tests.

Automated tests of native mobile apps come with a lot of different challenges. Building a cross-platform testing framework takes more than different locators and common test methods. Additional challenge comes with managing different mobile devices and orchestrating test runs to achieve an optimum test coverage in a reasonable amount of time.
This presentation is based on the experience gathered during over a year of building automated testing framework with Java and Appium from scratch. Main challenges and solutions will be discussed along with the tools which helped to solve them. One of the most important tools is Docker which helped to orchestrate test runs and manage parallel testing on multiple mobile devices.
Audience will have the opportunity to get familiar with most important decisions which needed to be made while building such testing tool. Solutions discussed during the presentation may provide them ideas on how to overcome issues they are struggling with in their projects.

Docker can help to manage running test on multiple mobile devices when a device cloud is not an option in the project.