Zero to One: Notes on quality for startups, or how to start from scratch

The idea behind the session is to present how startups can improve the overall quality of their products with very simple testing tips and tricks.

To achieve that, I share key insights from my last experiences working for european fintech companies (Younited Credit, Leetchi and MANGOPAY): for example how we decided what to test first, how we chose the proper tools to quickly build solid tests, how we started training people within the company.

Attendees should be able to better understand how to start improving quality in difficult environments (for example the startups one where you have very limited resources): prioritizing scenario, building maintainable automated tests in a very short amount of time, monitoring performance and so on.

Basically by the end of the session, I hope that the experiences I share can help them be better QA/testers.

This session forms part of a conversation track on Monday afternoon.