The UKSTAR Programme Chairs On The 2019 Programme

The UKSTAR 2019 Programme is here. From the many submissions, we have crafted what we feel is a fantastic programme, covering topics across three broad themes – automation and technical testing, modern testing and leadership.

But to kick things off, we have keynote speeches from some of the leading thinkers in testing and tech delivery today; Angie Jones, Fiona Charles, Amy Phillips, and Bas Dijskra. We’ll be enlightened and entertained by stories and case studies in automation, artificial intelligence, ethics and organisational change.

This programme reflects and expands on our experiences in testing, but explores the need of the community to discover something new about the craft. Without learning, sharing and communicating about our experiences then our ability to adapt to new technologies, team dynamics, organisational change and other challenges will be much more difficult.

It’s incredibly important to be as representative of the testing community as possible. Testing is an incredibly diverse world, so we have endeavoured to be as inclusive as possible in this programme. We have had submissions from the UK, Europe and across the world. This means that not only the stories told will be diverse, but so will the people telling them.

Whether you are interested in microservices, mentoring or management, we will have something for you to enjoy and learn from. If its sorting out technical debt, selecting test tools or security testing, then we have that covered too.

Collectively, testing has been our passion, and our careers for decades. Delivering value to our teams every day, whilst making sure those we work with get to learn, explore and develop alongside us. But now it’s up to you. Not only will you have the chance to see some incredible talks, interact in deep dives, participate in conversation tracks, but you’ll be able to take the time to reflect and confer with your fellow professionals.

Take the break times, lunch and the evening social events to reflect on what you have seen. Talk to your colleagues, share ideas and experiences with them. Take the UKSTAR experiences from the conference hall, to the Test Huddle, and your places of work. Only through developing on the ideas shared by our speakers, developing your own solutions, and taking your own path of learning will the testing craft be developed. You never know, you might be back in 2020 to share your own stories.

Explore, Learn and Enjoy! Best Wishes from UKSTAR 2019 Committee


Anne-Marie Charrett

Bill Matthews

Daniel Billing

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