Time For Something New!

In 1993, EuroSTAR, the first ever European conference on software testing took place at The Edwardian International Hotel in London. Next year, we return to the UK with UKSTAR a brand new event for the British software testing industry – the familiar quality of EuroSTAR on your doorstep – as we begin a new chapter in our proud association with professional testers in the UK.

Since that first EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference, software testing has gone through many notable milestones – to name a few: the introduction of the W-Model (EuroSTAR 1993); TMap test management approach (1995); the Foundation of Information Systems Examinations Board (1998); APache jMeter released (1998); Context-Driven Testing and Test Process Improvement (TPI) approaches started (1999); the Agile Manifesto (2001); ISTQB founded (2002); Selenium developed (2004); Test Maturity Model Integration – TMMi (2005); ISO29119 Working group formation (2007);  foundation of the Test Lab (at EuroSTAR 2009) and most recently the publication of ISO29119 (2013-2015).

During this time the testing community has organised itself in different ways to learn together – through various conferences, events and meetups and online forums and communities – no more evident than in the UK where pioneering ideas like Weekend Testing and other diverse subsets of the broader testing community engage collectively to further their profession.

The theme for UKSTAR – ‘Bridges over Barriers‘ aims to reach beyond those latent divides to unite the software testing community in February – regardless of your school of thought, we invite you to create a proposal to speak at this inaugural event.

The first UKSTAR is hosted by an organising committee comprising Dorothy Graham, James Lyndsay and Declan O’Riordan – and each will give a half-day workshop to start the event on February 27th.

Bringing it Closer to You

The demands on testing continue to increase and we recognise that it’s difficult to find the time for test teams to travel and spend 4-5 days away from projects as frequent releases become more prevalent. Instead, we’re taking the conference to you – two intensive days of a testing ‘think-in’ in the heart of London – a chance to get away from the office for 1-2 days to recharge your testing battery and re-energise your team’s approach to software testing in the year ahead.

We have big plans to make a permanent home for our latest endeavour in the UK – we hope you can be part of it from the outset and help us forge a new and exciting story for software testing in the UK.

What will the future milestones in software testing look like? What will your contribution be? Join us at County Hall from 27-28 February 2017 to play your part in this exciting new chapter for software testing in the UK.

If you would like to speak at this event please read the call for submissions and complete your proposal by October 25th to be considered.

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