UKSTAR Convince Your Boss Kit – What it is and How to Use It

Here in this article we would like to talk the Convince your boss kit – what it generally is and what to do with it once you get it. First of all, we have seem a huge amount of people interested in our EuroSTAR Conference Convince Your Boss Kit, which is similar to this one, only focused on our second software testing conference held this year in the Hague (which you read more about it here). This kit was downloaded so many times that it did make us think about how tough it must actually be to convince the boss to head over to the conference.

There can be many reasons why the big boss might raise their eyebrows when they hear this topic. They may have never attended one before and therefore aren’t sure about it.  The other reason could be because of they may have never heard about UKSTAR – that can be a possibility. But above all, the biggest reason is that your boss doesn’t know what to expect – will this be a valuable experience for you? Will you learn, network and inspire? Will this give the company a boost of new knowledge?


So If you are in this position, where you really want to head over to our software testing conference, but you have a feeling your boss might say no, then this Convince Your Boss Kit is the perfect answer. And no, it’s not the kit you are thinking about….


So What is this Kit we’re talking about? This is a completely free file for download. It is in a PDF format that you can send over to your boss. It contains all the information about what UKSTAR is, how beneficial would it be for the employees to go.




The kit contains details on the speakers, stories and workshops. This will show your boss that your visit to our software testing conference will be packed with great presentations that will be hosted by the great minds of the software testing team.



The convince your boss kit also contains analytical information about the audience. Your boss can take a look at who attends our conference based on the previous years.  We would provide the stats in a clean, simple way to help your boss better understand the audience.



What we also think is important to highlight in the kit are the actual reviews of the previous attendees. These are people, who, perhaps just like had to convince their boss to go to the conference! These reviews are a valuable asset and can possibly help you get a YES from your employer.



On top of that we are including the hot topics that will be discussed during the conference. From Agile to DevOps, to Automation to Scrum – whatever it is, there is definitely a field of study that your boss may find necessary to improve in.



And even if you have sent over the kit and your boss wasn’t fully convinced – no problem. We can help further – the UKSTAR team is dedicated to call your boss and talk a bit further about why you should attend the conference. Just like that, with no strings attached. Why? Because it’s important to grow, network and inspire, always.


These are small chunks of what is included in the Convince Your Boss Kit. Hopefully the information can help convince your boss to go to our great Software Testing Conference and you can learn from the best in the game. Once you are ready you can go ahead and download the kit here:




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