UKSTAR Reporter Winner

We have been very impressed with the entries for this year’s inaugural UKSTAR Reporter Competition.

The UKSTAR winner will attend the 2 day testing Conference in the heart of London. They will experience the fascinating four keynotes, track sessions, workshops and networking events over the course of two very exciting days.

So down to the most important bit. Who have we selected at the UKSTAR Reporter for UKSTAR 2018.


And The Winner is…

There was some excellent entries along with some strong reasons put forward why those candidates should be picked.

We have been mulling over the entries and have settled on the winner.  Based on her well written entry and experience blogging, we have selected this person as the Reporter for UKSTAR 2018.


Sowmya Ramesh


About Sowmya

Sowmya RameshSowmya is a testing professional with over 14 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked in a range of business domains in a consultancy environment. Having started her career as a developer, she found her way into testing and has not looked back since. Apart from testing, Sowmya is deeply interested in the topic of accessibility – hence she considers herself a champion for quality and equality! Currently a test team lead, Sowmya has been an active blogger within her company and considers blogging to be one of the best forms of expression in current times. She enjoys interacting with people and believes communication is one of the most important aspects of her professional life. Outside work, Sowmya is a mother of two young children and also a trained Indian classical dancer. Curious, meticulous and tenacious – that’s Sowmya in a nutshell.
You will be attending UKSTAR 2018.
Thanks to those of you who entered and hopefully you will get a chance to apply for UKSTAR 2019. Make sure to keep an eye out on the UKSTAR blog for Sowmya’s reports from the Conference as it happens.




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