UKSTAR at SoftTest 2016

This week members of the UKSTAR Team attended SoftTest 2016 in Dublin where we got the chance to talk face-to-face with so many software testing professionals. With the vision of UKSTAR to create a sense of community and bring software testers together, it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to speak personally with so many in the industry.

SoftTest is Ireland’s Independent Software Testing Special Interest Group who facilitate knowledge sharing within the Irish software testing industry. Following on from the success of their 2015 conference, SoftTest decided to hold another conference for 2016. SoftTest 2016 proved to be a HUGE success this year and was a sold out event! Taking place in the Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place in Dublin, this year’s conference’s theme was ‘Adapting and Innovating for Change’. This theme was very important to us at UKSTAR, as we recognise the need for improvement and keeping ahead of the latest trends.

While attending a sold out SoftTest 2016 this week we decided to hold a competition for all the delegates in attendance with the chance to win a FREE  place to UKSTAR this February.  Delegates were asked to write down their names and enter the raffle, simple as that. At the end of the day, one of UKSTAR’s fantastic hosts Declan O’Riordan  had the honor of drawing the winning name from all those collected.

The lucky winner on the day was….*drum roll please*….NAOMI O’CALLAGHAN from Openet! Congratulations Naomi! We look forward to seeing you at UKSTAR this February 2017.

SoftTest 2016 UKSTAR winner

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