UKSTAR Software Meetup Hero Competition

The UKSTAR Software Meetup Hero Competition aims to recognise those you go the extra mile for the Software Testing Community.

Meetups are a great way to get together with others in the software testing industry.  They provide a place for anyone involved in testing to meet fellow testers, share stories and experiences about tools and techniques. A place of learning, where live demonstrations of tools can be seen by those who use them regularly. It is an open and safe space for people to learn. But these events don’t just happen on their own, there are so many people involved in making meetups the best they can be.

We all know a Software Meetup Hero. That person who goes above and beyond to make a meetup great!

  • Organise the venue and source speakers
  • Spread the word and build awareness
  • Brings snacks for everyone
  • Always has a smile and asks the best questions
  • Showed you  around at your first meetup
  • Organises local meetups
  • Have taken the next step to share their expertise

They do ONE or ALL of these things.

They’re somebody who is passionate about the software testing community. Maybe they showed you around at your first meetup? Gave you amazing suggestions or mentored you when you started? Maybe it’s something else that we haven’t listed above. There are so many things that can make someone a Software Meetup Hero. What do you think deserves to be noticed?

Now is the time to say ‘Thank You!

Thank you to everybody who makes this community a welcoming place. We want to reward those unsung heroes! Those who do great deeds but receive little or no recognition for them. That is why we created the Software Meetup Hero!

So do you know someone who fits the cape? All that’s left to do is nominate them. You can do this individually or as a group. Simply enter through the button below, tell us who you’re nominating and why. Simple as that! The winning nomination will win 4 free tickets to UKSTAR. That’s one for the software meetup hero for being so great and 3 for you and your group for showing your appreciation and nominating someone, showing that you recognize the effort they put in.

The Software Meetup Hero Competition is no longer accepting nominations

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