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Software Meetup Hero Award

What is the Meet-up Hero About?

The UKSTAR Software Meet-up Hero Award was created to highlight the many amazing software testers who continually give to the community and help bring testers together for meet-ups and knowledge sharing. We want to help recognise the testers in your software community who go above and beyond to organise meet-ups or help make your meet-up more welcoming and more inclusive.

We need your help! Let’s celebrate those in the software testing community that are about passionate about software meetups as thanks to these individuals there are thousands of thriving testing meet-ups throughout the U.K. and Europe. Think about the attendees or organisers of your own local meet-up – who do you think deserves to win the Software Meetup Hero Award?

A possible Meet-Up hero might be someone who:

  • Organises the overall meet-up
  • Helps arrange the venue and source speakers
  • Spreads the word and builds awareness
  • Brings snacks for everyone
  • Always has a smile and asks the best questions
  • Showed you around at your first meetup
  • Helped you by sharing their expertise

You might know a person who has done one or all of these things. Maybe they’ve been a hero to you in during your testing journey and actively involved in meet ups and you would like to see them win this award. Actions speak a thousand words so act today and nominate your Meet-up Hero!

What Do I Need To Do?

It’s simple really. All you need to do is fill in the form below, tell us who you are, who you’re nominating and why you’re nominating them. (Remember to make it convincing) You can think of the submission by yourself or in groups, we don’t mind.

What Do I Get?

The winning nomination will receive three full 2-day conference tickets to the UKSTAR Software Testing Conference in London, 11th-12th March 2019 with programme created by Dan Billing, Anne-Marie Charrett and Bill Matthews.

That’s one ticket for the software meetup hero and 2 tickets for you and your group who nominated them. All 3 tickets will be for the full conference so you won’t miss out on any of the UKSTAR learning, networking and fantastic fun.

What Happens Next?

We’ll collect all of the nominations. The best ones then will go forward to a poll where we’ll ask the UKSTAR community who they feel should be crowned the 2018 Software Meet-up Hero. That’s why we said to make your submission convincing 😀 The nomination with the most votes by the deadline will win the three full 2-day conference tickets worth over £659 each!

Software Meet-Up Hero Winner


Nominations have closed for Meet-Up Hero 2019. The winner of the 2019 Meet-Up Hero is announced here.