[Webinar] Lessons Learned From Being A Casualty Simulation Victim from Nathalie van Delft

Nathalie is always pursuing quality, not only in her job, but also in her hobbies. Her biggest hobby is being a Casualty Simulation Victim, which is basically testing first-aiders and hospital personnel. Since the testing PROCESS isn’t that different from the process of setting up a casualty simulation scene, Nathalie started to take notice of lessons learned that she could bring back to her working environment to improve the quality of her work. Her presentation is about those lessons learned and what the benefits are when applying those lessons.

In this presentation Nathalie will talk about her experiences as a casualty simulation victim, telling us about the different jobs she’s done, varying from drills she participates in at the St. Lucas Andreas hospital as a woman in labour distress, the International Mega-drill in 2009 called Floodex and the drill called ‘Livex,’ a ferry disaster on the North Sea. All these drills have common denominators that will be discussed with regards to the usage in software and system testing.


Nathalie Van Delft Webinar



NNathalie Van Delftathalie van Delft (Capgemini, Netherlands)

Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van Delft is a testpassionista in optima forma.

She’s actively involved in the (inter)national testing community, she speaks on (inter)national conferences, is member of the Belgium and Netherlands Sofware Qualification Board (BNTQB) and publishes regularly in different expert media.

Her favorite topics are (information) ethics, test architecture and the non-traditional, out-of-the –box, fun topics like ‘Mappa Testi’ and ‘Unusual Testing; lessons learned from being a casualty simulation victim’. She currently works at Capgemini as Managing Test Consultant.

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