What to Expect in the Huddle | UKSTAR 2019

We are just so excited for UKSTAR 2019. We cannot wait for everyone to see this years new and improved Huddle area! We are building on last’s years popular active Huddle with lots more for you to experience this year.

If you have not heard the Huddle, then you are in for a pleasant surprise when you arrive at the Conference. Run by volunteers, the Huddle is a plan to hang out, learn, share ideas and play. It is a space where you can take some time out from the busy day of learning and just chat to your fellow delegates. There are a lot of activities happening in the Huddle from Lean Coffee to Lego building so let’s see what is in store for this year:

Lean Coffee

Tuesday | 8.15am

On  we have the Huddle Lean Coffee. Take advantage of the energiser breakfast on offer and use that energy to solve some testing problems. Led by our Huddle Volunteers, the Lean coffee is where you can discuss the testing topics you want to talk about. Make sure to bring a few ideas with you for the session.

1st Conference Networking

Monday | 10am

New to Conferences? If UKSTAR is your first Conference and you would like some help getting the most out of the Conference or simply want to meet and chat with other delegates, this session is for you.

Our Huddle leader, Chris will guide you through what to expect, how to make the most out of the Conference and help you network with other delegates.

Huddle Stand-Up

Monday | 3pm

Tuesday| 10am

If you are Agile, you will know all about stand-ups. The Huddle Stand-Ups are a little different. We invite a speaker from the Conference to host a quick 15 minute session on a topic of their choice. These talks are interactive and we encourage you to ask and learn. The stand-Ups which each have a key focus:


Monday – Meet-Ups

This stand-up will feature some experienced Meet-up organisers to share how their meet-ups are put together, the benefits of meet-ups for testers and how you can create a meet-up for your area. The session will feature Viv Richards and Simon Prior.

Tuesday – RiskStorming

Tuesday’s session will focus on how to manage your test strategy with risk storming. Take part with fellow delegates and explore your own ideas on test strategy.



If you do nothing else at UKSTAR Huddle, play some games. We have everything you could need from boardgames like Fluxx and Sett to Exploding Kittens and Jenga.


Want a bit more of a challenge? The Huddle Duck Pond is the place that you can win some of special prizes that we are giving away. There are our special EAT.SLEEP.TEST t-shirts, waterbottles and more.

Make sure to try your luck at the Duck Pond because you might not get another chance to win.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Huddle at UKSTAR 2019. It will be your new home for 2 days of Conferencing!

Follow the Huddle

If you want to know what is happening in the Huddle and want to stay updated, follow @ukstarconf, use the #ukstarconf and follow our Volunteer Chris who will be sharing his plans for and will be updating live at the Conference.

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